Newsletter September 2018

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Our photography department, MK Photography, has seen quite an exciting month and has allowed for creativity to flow freely. From photography for corporate events and studio shoots to a marketing videography project.

One of the projects we did was for a casual cocktail event at the CTICC for a local company, Quality Filtration Solutions, which wanted to thank and entertain its clients for their support. From registration up to departure the guests had fun while wined, dined and entertained by none other than the great Marc Lottering. Marc Lottering was the MC for the night’s proceedings and the guests wasted no time in catching up with each other. We love capturing these moments.

In addition to the happily kept guests, the layout was well-planned; having a well-lit area where the guests mingled and having placed the stage in a slightly darker space, which gave control over the ambient lighting.

Following that, we did a studio shoot as part of a marketing initiative, which was loads of fun and involved both indoor and venue-sourced location images. We most enjoyed the outdoor photography. It allowed creativity to flow freely as we had a variety of subjects, which created a whole new feel to the images. This project is all about creating work for SMEs in South Africa and is something great for us to have been involved with, and we have no doubt that the content captured at this shoot will appeal to the targeted audience.

We were fortunate to have had cloudy weather, and it definitely brings forth quite a few benefits, like creating a softer tone on all the pictures. The biggest benefit of cloudy weather is that it ensures fewer crowds, which definitely makes shooting a lot easier.

We also got cute and cuddly with a baby-shower shoot, and the soft colours and happy faces definitely brought the images to life.

We look forward to many more exciting projects.

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